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Marketing Services and Targeted B2B Mailing Lists.
Data-Quarters  - Data Verification Services in USA

Verifying customer email addresses, postal addresses, and phone numbers are crucial for a business, as incorrect contact information can undermine your brand reputation and effect on your marketing efforts.

Data Quarters offers unmatched data validation services to speed up the journey towards business growth. With our Data Verification services, you can be assured of decisive data which is procured from multiple sources and put through a precise verification process made easy for your requirement to ensure high data quality & adherence to authentic prospects.

  • ImageIncrease in Email deliverability
  • ImageStringent data verification processes
  • ImageHigh quality and accurate data
  • ImageIn-Depth Research on Data verification
Data-Quarters  - Data Cleansing Services

Regularly cleansed data reduces unnecessary overheads, avoids lost revenue, delivers targeted campaigns and helps you to stay compliant to the Data Protection Act.

Data Quarters's Data Cleansing Service provides you the clean and consistent data that aids in uncovering actionable insights that are required for decision making and business expansion. We match your requirements & deliver the most apt contact email leads to help you increase the Return of Investment. We deliver customized data cleansing solutions by ensuring uniformity regarding spelling errors, typos, missing information such as dialing codes, email IDs and postal codes.

  • ImageEliminate Undeliverable data
  • ImageRemove duplicate addresses from your lists
  • ImageEnables trend analysis and benchmarking appropriate Data
Data Segmentation Services from Data-Quarters

Segmenting your email list helps you convey your business more intelligently and directly with your customers.

Our data segmentation process helps you to identify the different types of customers and classify them. Segmented data enables you to mass-personalize your marketing communications and enhances your customer retention by putting you on a path towards maximized market penetration, new opportunities. This helps you to run more successful campaigns by sending a relevant and targeted message to the relevant segment.

  • ImageGlobally Segmented Data with precision and deep understanding of business processes
  • ImageEffective data lists to run result-driven campaigns
  • ImageEnhancing data integrity with apt lists
  • ImageHelps to identify potential opportunities
  • ImageEnhance customer retention
Data-Quarters  - Data Appending Services Providers

The more complete data you have, the better you will be in making informed decisions; appending relevant data to your existing database enhances data integrity.

Data Quarters's data appending solution will get you a complete and robust database. We make sure you get an impeccable database by appending key business data elements that will improve your business intelligence and marketing performance. We can assist you to enhance your databases by adding relevant records and give you the ability to find identical leads. With our inventive information, marketers can reach the desired audience type selected by distinct factors such as job title, geography, revenue size, etc. Through our services, we make sure you reach your target audience with guaranteed leads and sales conversions.

  • ImageGenerates a higher ROI with complete data
  • ImageGain more transparency in your marketing efforts
  • ImageIncrease Operation Efficiency of your sales
  • ImageImprove the accuracy, relevancy, and value of data
Data-Quarters  - Email Appending Services in the USA

Enhance your optimal marketing campaigns by entailing the missing business email addresses to the corporate mailing database.

With our email appending solutions we append missing email addresses in your database with precise, opt-in email contacts and create value to your marketing efforts. Our B2B email appending service allows you to acquire and retain customers as well as increase your overall deliverability leads to better response rates.

  • ImageEnd-to-End Database Growth Solution
  • ImageUp-Sell & Brand Recognition with Accurate Database.
  • ImageHigher Customer Retention
  • ImageGuaranteed high deliverable rate
  • ImageExpand market reach
  • ImageEnhances business communication
Get Opt-in-Mailing Lists from Data-Quarters

Opt-in email lists are the lists of people who have specifically signed up to receive emails for your service/products.

With our Opt-In Email List now marketers can easily achieve quality data to suit all of their business ambition and save you time and money by micro-focusing your list. Our opt-In service gives real-time lists of qualified prospects from credible sources and helps you email people who are interested in what you're selling. We believe that our Opt-In Email Database is competent enough to support our clients to obtain a high level of ROI & reach the target audience through segmented marketing solutions and build long-term, trust-based relationships with them.

  • ImageReplete database with actionable Leads
  • ImageAccessing High Esteem contacts Increases Brand visibility
  • ImageTailored Information
  • ImagePreserves your email marketing reputation
  • ImageShows customers that you respect their privacy
  • ImageBoosts your sales and product interest
  • ImageLet’s you be more targeted in your campaigns
Data-Quarters  - Data Matching Service Providers in the USA

Data Matching allows one to generate fresh and accurate records and connected effectively with most appropriate prospects.

We understand that it is tedious to maintain the B2B database as it contains contact information of a wide range of consumers. So Our Company helps you increase sales and customer loyalty through its high-value data and innovative multi-channel Data Matching services. Our highly customizable, quick, and reliable data matching service provides you precise matching in quick turnaround time. We use a series of advanced searching and matching techniques, which are not limited to just name and address it matches emails, contact details, industry, geography, firmographic and many more.

  • ImageImproves Deliverance rate
  • ImageSupports multichannel engagement
  • ImageExperience worry-free marketing to higher ROI
  • ImageCustomizable based on niche marketing needs
B2B & B2C Mailing Lists from Data-Quarters

Data management in B2B & B2C is the cornerstone of effective marketing.

We create opportunities available for brands to capture leads and generate results through our most authentic data lists. As we have access to the best extensive lead database in the industry we custom build the comprehensive Business Email Lists to our client as per their specifications. With our accurate B2B and B2C mailing lists, you can reach the right audience and increase your sales. We regularly verify our database to ensure the information you receive is accurate, current and relevant. Our email lists allow you to reach the audience for all the varied industry verticals and decision-making titles across the globe.

  • ImageBoosting your campaign to maximum deliverability
  • ImageStrategizing Brand Promotions
  • ImageConnect with Global Audience
  • ImageUp-to-date B2B and B2c Mailing Lists
  • ImageIncrease ROI


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